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Face and Neck Lift

Aging of the face and neck is inevitable. A rhytidectomy is the classical procedure used to create a more youthful face, chin, jawline, and neck.

As a result of genetics, sun or environmental damage, and gravity, the skin and muscles begin to slide off of the facial bone structure. As this happens, folds from the nose to the sides of the mouth develop, folds at the corner of the mouth develop, and the facial tissue hangs off the jawline.. The skin and neck muscles begin to sag in the neck. Others have fat in the neck which adds to the fullness under the chin. Sagging jowls, cheeks and necks can make a person appear old and tired. Successful face lifting can correct these changes appropriately.

Facelift surgery is commonly performed on a patient in their forties, fifties, and sixties. However, patients in their thirties as well as seventies and even eighties may be a candidate. It is important to remember we are operating on tissue not age, and therefore age is not the deciding criteria. Most important is that results be natural and have an “un-operated look”.

Endoscopic Cheek Lift

Endoscopic facelift surgery addresses the midface; the area between the lower eyelids and the mouth. Endoscopic facelift surgery is performed through small incisions in the scalp. A small camera, along with a fiberoptic light and instruments are placed through the incision to gain access to the deeper tissues of the face.

This technique is used on patients that have saggy cheeks, moderate to heavy jowls, or droopy cheeks that create a hollow appearance of the lower eyelid area. Typically, the areas toward the center of the face, around the mouth, nose, and upper cheek, can be difficult to reposition using traditional facelifting procedures.

The endoscopic approach allows for the repositioning of the cheek tissue back up onto the cheekbone. Thus the cheek tissue is put back from where it descended. The result is natural and does not create a “pulled look”.

The endoscopic cheek lift can be performed at the same time as a traditional face with or as a separate procedure. It is frequently performed with a lower facelift and eyelid surgery. In some patients the endoscopic cheek lift might be used as an alternative to a traditional facelift. Although it might be considered to be less invasive, it still requires healing time.